''There is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich and poor; and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.''  ~ U.S. Federal Court Judge Learned Hand Member


• Are you paying too much for 2023 taxes?


• Are you still using the old laws?


• If you are a business, you need a tax person and your cash now,
not someone next March telling you you overpaid.



I am a contractor and I want to thank you and your firm for a job well done with my IRS audit. In short, I am in the system, not looking over my shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have your skills, tenacity, and attention to detail to thank for that. Here is wishing you continued success.
Our Audited Financial Statements and Corporate Income Tax Returns come from Rojas and Associates, CPAs. Their firm really goes the extra mile for us. Their expertise really shows in both accounting and tax. They have worked efficiently with our attorneys and outside advisors. We get national firm expertise at local firm prices.
Michele and Frank Fagundes
President and Vice-President / Mr. Pickles, Inc.
We were in trouble and had a new bookkeeper. Within four hours, Mary Ann helped straighten out our QuickBooks. We can now move forward with our accounting.
This morning I had Mary Ann come in to teach us how to better our knowledge around QuickBooks. She went above and beyond my expectations. I have had several bookkeepers, accountants, and ''QuickBook teachers'' in here to help guide me, but nobody has been as helpful as she has been to me. I can't express to you enough my satisfaction with her talents.
Rojas and Associates are the outside CPAs in my business. Their staff is always prompt, professional and well versed in current accounting and tax issues. They are also easy to work with. They are business oriented and take a true team approach with my controller. Their reviewed financial statements are easily accepted by my bonding company and bank. Their thorough tax planning has given me great tax savings.
Jim Loehr
President / Sherman Loehr Custom Works
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Does that seem a bit redundant? Well, it is hard not to repeat myself when my thanks are so abundant!
We thought so highly of Rojas and Associates, CPAs we hired their senior accounting manager to be our controller. Their Financial Statements are highly respected by our bonding company and bank. It is hard to find CPAs that were trained by the best firms in the United States, recognize that service is what we’re looking for and are committed to bringing their best accounting, tax, and consulting services to the table.
Don Ekstrom
President / John Jackson Masonry
I am a tax attorney and President of the Goralka Law Firm. We use Bob Rojas and his CPA firm because they provide remarkably consistent, prompt, precise and professional service. Rojas and Associates have been dependable for building my loan documentation, IRS work and tax planning needs.
John Goralka, Esq.
President / Goralka Law Firm
Another CPA did my return and the IRS claimed I under reported my income by $60,000. I came to Bob and after he finished talking with the IRS I received a refund of $218. Tax bill- scary. Refund? Priceless.
I already knew QuickBooks. I have taken other QuickBooks classes that moved too quickly or were hard to understand. Mary Ann moved at my speed and I really could understand her. No wonder her classes are always sold out!
We were in the middle of an IRS audit. We hired Bob Rojas and his firm. The entire audit changed. We were given respect and are very happy with the results.
Ken Carter
President / West Coast Sign Company, Concord, CA
Rojas and Associates, CPAs have been my CPAs for over 30 years.  They assist me with my very complicated tax and accounting matters.  Recently, their firm’s prompt and professional work has helped me with the SEC. Their interaction with our New York attorneys and accountants has been superb and efficient. I appreciate their excellent auditing, accounting and tax expertise.
Dr. Theodore Holstein
Ready Welder, Inc.